Pets are Good for your Health

A domestic pet is more than a member of the family.  I’ve read several articles suggesting that people with pets are healthier overall.  Pets are amazing stress reducers, which in turn can help lower your blood pressure.  I know from personal experience, that I could walk in the door after a long day, stressed out and annoyed, but being greeted by Chance, Tasha and Maggie made it all go away.  Chance and Maggie were usually upfront with Tasha in the background.  It brought a smile to my face and I forgot about the rest.  Now, I just scoop up Maggie for a snuggle and everything before that moment melts away.  My mood improves and I’m ready for a better evening.  Chance never liked arguing, so arguments were always short lived in my house.  Thanks for the assist, Chance!

Dogs give you a reason to get up and move.  That whole “body in motion, stays in motion” concept really works here.  I may not have enjoyed getting up for every dog walk, but I know those walks were very good for me.  It was great exercise for both of us and gave us time alone to bond.  Those walks also helped me make new friends in my neighborhood.

Pets don’t judge us and love us just the way we are, they provide companionship and physical activity and create an avenue for social interaction.  What more can you ask for???

Tell me what you think….


About Chance's Dream Animal Rescue

I started Chance's Dream after becoming aware of people relinquishing wanted pets with curable illnesses or injuries due to financial hardship.
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