Do Not Leave Your Dog in the Car

Lare of the Bear (66)Although we are more than halfway through summer, we still have plenty of hot days ahead of us.  Many pet parents do not understand or believe that the temperature inside of a car can increase by 20 degrees within 30 minutes.  Cracking a window or parking in the shade has very little impact in keeping your dog safe.  Overheating can kill your dog!

If you come across a car with a pet that is panting heavily follow these step to help save a life.

  • If there’s time, take down the license plate number and have the store page the owner.  Hopefully, you will reach the person and get the pet out of the car in time.
  • If the pet is obviously in distress call 911 to get immediate assistance.
  • If there is not time to wait for a police officer, get someone to witness the pet’s distress before breaking into the vehicle to rescue the animal.

It’s up to us to be a voice for the voiceless.  Please don’t walk away assuming the animal will be fine.

Chance’s Dream Animal Rescue is only able to “help keep pet families together” with the support of animal lovers like you.  Your donations are appreciated!



About Chance's Dream Animal Rescue

I started Chance's Dream after becoming aware of people relinquishing wanted pets with curable illnesses or injuries due to financial hardship.
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