Animal lovers…what are you grateful for?



Can you believe we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving already? Another year has flown by. I have so much to be grateful for, but I’d like to focus on my pets, past and present, for this blog. I’ve had the privilege to be a pet mom for over 25 years now and wouldn’t change a minute of it. Other than having them live forever, of course.



Photo of black dog with white neck.


If you’ve read the stories on the Chance’s Dream website you already know the struggles and challenges experienced with each one. Jake was taken way too soon at 3 1/2 years old by leukemia; Tasha struggled over the years with numerous afflictions, but lost her battle with breast cancer 2 months before her 13th birthday; and Chance succumbed to liver disease three weeks before her 15th birthday. I am so blessed to still have Maggie, who will be turning 16 this February. While we are working to keep her quality of life strong, she is not without her challenges. I joke with our vet, that I’m so learned about animal care, that I could go work for her. I’ve also been blessed to have a vet who is aware of holistic alternatives. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as holistically aware when Jake was alive as I was for Tasha and Chance and now for Maggie.  Our most recent loss came much too soon.  My sweet little Ginger Snap had an ovarian tumor that was just too risky to remove considering her size and age.  And, although she was with me for such a short time, Ginger Snap will be a forever reminder of why I do what I do through Chance’s Dream. No pet should lose their home and family just for being sick or injured and she was no exception.

Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap

Each pet taught me so much about myself and my capacity to love, care for, and sacrifice for another living being. Interacting with their different personalities has been so much fun as well.

I am also grateful for the ability to help wanted pets receive needed veterinary care for curable injuries and illnesses. I know from personal experience how straining it can be to face unexpected vet care while struggling to pay your bills.

A few thoughts for a safe & happy holiday:

1. We’re all told not to feed our pets people food. And as tempting as it is, keep the turkey sneaks to a minimum. Fido and Fluffy will feel better in the long run and you won’t have to worry about the aftermath of an upset stomach on your carpet. Keep pet treats handy so they won’t feel left out of the celebration.

2. Be aware of decoration placement so your pets won’t get hurt chewing on an electrical cord or end up with an obstruction from swallowing something that should be out of their reach.

3. Express gratitude to your pets for their unconditional love and loyalty.  They are there for us through the good times and bad, even when we’re not so lovable.  Who else is so quick to forgive us and by our sides any time of the day or night?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!Chance_lori

We appreciate your support!  Without your generous donations we couldn’t provide the care that keeps pet families together.


About Chance's Dream Animal Rescue

I started Chance's Dream after becoming aware of people relinquishing wanted pets with curable illnesses or injuries due to financial hardship.
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